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Update Preview Black Clover Episode 163 and Where You Can Watch

Welcome to Anime Black Clover episode 163 release date preview. On this occasion Mimin will provide a release date schedule and the latest Black Clover Episode 163 spoilers.

Black Clover Episode 160 English Subbed

We already know the latest fact that in the early 2021 black clover has a new visual key and opening anime. After the magic knights of the Clover Kingdom had been training for half a year.

We will review the skip team first, finally they have gotten stronger thanks to the cooperation of the spirit guardians of the kingdom of hearts. Where the kingdom is led by a princess named Lolopechika. He was the one who guided Asta and Noelle Cs to train under the guidance of the Spirit Guardian.

Of course the magic knights undergo special training with Spirit Guardians to master which realms are the expertise of the magic knights of the kingdom of hearts. for about 6 months the members of the black bulls receive intense training.

Now they have magic power and mana has grown rapidly. Of course, when viewed from their physical appearance, they have grown a little and there is a clear difference in height. the thing that stands out is the difference in Asta and Noelle's heights.

If we look at eps 157 then it turns out that Asta's height is shorter than Noelle. But physically Asta has an athletic body that almost matches the black bull captain, Yami. while Noelle's appearance looked prettier before the time skip.

Black Clover anime synopsis tells of a magic knight who has no mana. The boy who is still a teenager named Asta. He is one of the people recruited by the Yami captain to become a magic knight.

Even though the facts prove that in black bulls, only asta have no mana and certainly can't use magic power. behind this weakness, asta has a 5 leaf clover grimore which turns out to have anti-magic powers.

If we look at the manga version, where there is a demon in it and it is known to be named Liebe. Liebe, who is known to have been excommunicated in the devil, then received the love of a mother named Lichita.

Then there was a demonic attack that made Liebe lose lichita, finally lichita before missing decided to put Libe in a 5 leaf clover grimore. and now asta and liebe will start their adventure to the spade kingdom.

Previous review of the magic knights of the black bulls successfully stopped the military forces from the spade kingdom. Asta, who at that time managed to beat the spade squad alone, managed to win against a captain.

Then the members of the black bulls also managed to reclaim a village that was seized by the spade military forces so that local residents could now return to live and live a normal life again.

However, a surprise attack occurred the leaders of the Spade Kingdom, namely the Dark Triads, expanding to other kingdoms. The knights of Goldendwan also lost, meanwhile asta also suffered defeat as well as against the bull bulls. in black clover episode 163 we will see captain yami's battle against the dark triad leader.

When is the scheduled release date for black clover english subtitles episodes? According to the prediction of Mimin anime Black Clover Episode 163, Indo sub will be released on and aired on February 9, 2021. If there are changes, Mimin will immediately update again.

Where can you watch the latest black clover episode stream? You can visit several official sites that provide legal online viewing, such as for English black clover.

You can also watch black clover any subtitles on the official site that has purchased the official license rights, namely IQIYI Indonesia. The site provides an anime watching application with Indonesian subtitles and according to EYD.

But you have to have extra costs to watch on IQIYI because you have to subscribe every month. If you want to watch black clover for free, IQIYI only provides 5 minutes duration to watch black clover.