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Solo Leveling Chapter 139 Release Date

Welcome to the blog. On this occasion Mimin will share information about one of the most popular manhwa in the world, namely solo leveling. yes manhwa this one is the most awaited manga series by his fans.

Solo Leveling Chapter 139 Release Date

no wonder if every storyline that is presented has a special influence on the readers. the most surprising thing is about the main character named Sung jin woo who is one of the protagonists who tries to continue to make world peace.

He is an important figure who is useful for fighting monsters with physical magic fighter type and all he has to judge all the monsters that have come out of the demon gate 10 years ago.

You could say Sun Jing Woo is currently still playing a role as a monster hunter and over time he is getting stronger accompanied by an increase in the weak level to the strong and highest level, namely the rank s level.

The solo leveling manga story itself has entered chapter 137 and will enter chapter 138 where Suu Jing Wo will face a new monster called Monarch Legia.

Spoiler leveling solo chapter 138 which still tells about the negotiations between monarch legia and sung jin woo. actually the monster wanted Sung Jin Wo to free him in exchange for promising to become a shadow partner.

but as a hunter, of course, Sung Jin Woo wants to save humans from monsters and legia monarchs, including monsters who don't want to be friends with humans. so from that Sung Jin Woo killed Monarch Legia.

When is the scheduled release date for Manhwa Solo Leveling Chapter 138? According to Mimin, because the Manhwa Solo Leveling is published once a week, the exact schedule is the most recent every Wednesday. The latest chapter for solo leveling 138 will be released on February 10, 2021.

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