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One Piece Chpater 1005 Release Date Will Be Delayed

Welcome to the blog which provides information about the most popular manga and anime. This week the One Piece Manga will enter Chapter 1004 and Mimin will provide information on the schedule for the release date of One Piece Hcpater 1005. Well here are the things that have happened and the latest one piece leaks.

One Piece Chpater 1005 Release Date Will Be Delayed

what is certain is the fierce battle is still going on on the island of Onigashima. Pirate fighters such as Zoro, Luffy, Traglar Law and Eustass Kid are still continuing their battle against the Yonkou alliance, Big Mom and Kaido.

Full summary and review thanks to the redon of Arlong Park Forums.Chapter title 1,004: "Kibi Dango". On Chopper's cover, a squirrel and a monkey are eating Rumble Ball candy together.

The chapter starts with Speed ​​(horse headliner), he goes around Onigashima castle giving dango to Gifters, saying dango is Queen's special recovery medicine.

A little flashback begins. We can see Tama, she wants to go help fight in Onigashima. He wanted to see Wanokuni with Momonosuke as Shogun and he didn't want to be hungry anymore. So he used Speed's private ship to go to Onigashima, taking Speed, Gazelleman and Daifugou with him. On the ship, Tama created Kibi Dango in large numbers.

Cut back to serve. We saw Gazelleman and Daifugou running around Onigashima castle and handing out dango to Gifters as well.

Cut to Franky Vs. Battle of Sasaki. Franky Shougun fired his "Weapons Left" at Sasaki but the attack was unsuccessful. Sasaki ran over Franky Shougun but Franky grabbed her horn and threw it.

Franky Shougun was about to fire another gun but the Armored Division jumped all of them and grabbed his robotic arms and legs. The gifter is so powerful, together they manage to hold Franky Shougun while Sasaki charges again.

But suddenly Usopp, Nami, Tama, and Komachiyo ran to the scene followed by the Gifters army who were now on their side. Franky used this opportunity to escape, so Sasaki ran into the Armored Division instead.

Ulti and Page One (who was following Usopp and Nami) screamed that the Gifters had betrayed them. Sasaki was confused why they betrayed them. Ulti jumped at Komachiyo, but Nami used "Thunder Lance = Tempo" to stop Ulti. The attack hit Ulti head on and he fell to the ground.

Nami: "It's not enough to stop it. I need stronger lightning !!"

Usopp uses "Hissatsu: Kibi Dango Star" to fire a dango into the Gifters' mouths, turning Sasaki's Armored Division into their ally. Sasaki was confused as to why her troops had turned against her, Franky took this opportunity to attack.

Franky Shougun uses a new attack called "Fran Blade: Victory V Flash". With a sword that emitted light, Franky Shougun slashed at Sasaki. The attack hit Sasaki head-on and blood came out.

Cut to Black Maria and Sanji. Sanji defeated all of Black Maria's male subordinates but he wouldn't touch the female subordinates, so Black Maria managed to catch him in a spider's web.

Black Maria told Sanji to scream for Robin, and his underlings with the paper marked with the eyes would send their voices throughout the castle to lure Robin to Black Maria. He said Kaidou ordered him to bring Nico Robin alive. Robin will be injured to the point that he can't escape and will stay alive until Kaido is done using it.

Sanji: "Don't you dare underestimate Nico Robin !!"

Returning to the Live Stage, Boa Huang announced that one of his spies (the mouse with the paper marked with an eye) had found the Red Scabbards. They were lying unconscious in a room inside the castle fortress. King was still busy (we saw him receiving reports but couldn't see who he was fighting) so he ordered someone to go and kill the samurai immediately.

Black Maria replied that she would go and do it herself, because the room was directly connected to the floor. Bao Huang: "Hurry, but beware! There are" 10 people "in the room!I can't see clearly because it's too dark ... but someone else was there, trying to help the samurai !! "

In the room, we saw the silhouette of a mysterious person who was treating Kinemon's wounds. The person is normal size (half the size of Kinemon). We see the side of the face and the shape of the nose / mouth makes the person look like a girl (or maybe a young boy).

The person gritted his teeth and there seemed to be tears dripping from his eyes.

When is the latest release schedule for One Piece Manga Chapter 1005? It is confirmed that one piece chapter 1005 will be off or delay. Chapter 1005 One Piece will be released on February 28, 2021.

where can you read manga one piece chapter 1005? You can read it on official sites such as and