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Black Clover Episode 164 Release Date

welcome to the blog that provides the latest anime information. one of the anime that is now quite popular is black clover which will enter episode 164 and will approach the ending of 170 episodes.

Black Clover Episode 164 Release Date

You must have known and watched the black clover anime episode 163 which was just released. what do you think about the appearance of the captain yami sukehiro?

Of course he came at the right time, right? yes captain yami black bulls come with the help of rung and time magic. It came at the right time after asta had defeated the dark triads.

If in Minimin asta's opinion, of course he can't maximize the demonic power in him, only he managed to bring out some of that demonic power thanks to dante.

Dante's magic power is indeed very strong with gravity magic that is able to attract inanimate and living objects. even when fighting against the captain Yami he also managed to make Yami inconvenient.

But as the captain of the black bulls Yami who has arcane level magic power is able to injure Dante with his yamato sword.

however the story will still continue, it doesn't mean the leader of the dark triad has lost. he obviously won't be beaten easily because he still has 60% strength. and the remaining 40% strength.

we will see yami vs dante battle in black clover episode 164. how will the continuation of their fight will captain yami lose?

The black clover anime release schedule episode 164 is predicted to be released on February 16, 2021. You can watch it on official sites such as and iqiyi.