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Read One Piece Chapter 1000 Raw Scan

Read One Piece Chapter 1000 Raw Scan Release date and Spoiler - Welcome to the mimin This blog provides the latest information about one of the most popular manga namely One Piece. This week one piece of manga will enter chapter 999, but Mimin also provides a schedule for the release of the latest one piece chapter 1000 comic.


latest update recap or review chapter 999, namely Drinks waiting for me to make for you

We will be brought by Oda Sensei to flash back about Yamato Vs. Ace, Ace's motive at that time wanted to go to Onigashima, Kaidou wasn't there because he was traveling.

The reason why the fire man Ace went to Onigashima was to save several kidnapped children.

There was a fight but Ace had said that parents could not be chosen, Yamato replied that he wanted to go to sea freely like Oden on his adventures. After their fight, the two of them often got together, drank together and talked about the young pirates, including Luffy.

Currently, Marco tries to bring Zoro to the roof to join Luffy, on the other hand, Marco also remembers Ace. On their way to the roof of Marco and Zoro, Queen and King change to stop Marco.

The latest fact is that Tama knows that Luffy is Ace's brother and of course Tama feels happy to meet ace's younger brother in Wano country even though he only knows about it now.

Big Mom tells Kaidou that she has to keep Nico Robin alive maybe this will be the key to finding one piece by letting Nico Robin live.

Kaidou asked Big Mom about the girl from the 3-eyed tribe (Pudding), if she can't read the ancient text it means that Kaidou's big mom is a user of "Uo Uo no Mi, Mythical Type" (Uo means "fish"), the specific type is not. is known.

The next fact is Big Mom is the one who gave him the devil fruit on the day Rocks was defeated. that's just this review.

As usual in this chapter review, I will only discuss a few points which I think are the most interesting to discuss in chapter 998.

With a certain temperature Marco's blue flames can be a temporary vaccine for Queen's Ice Devil virus. "Passive Flame" is the name of Marco's technique, even the presence of Marco makes Queen very furious because her plan will fail, especially with Apoo, who is most likely K.O in this chapter. 

And Chopper has collaborated with Dr. Miyagi and Tristan in making a permanent vaccine for this ice demon virus and it can be assumed that in 1 or 2 chapters we will be shown Chopper who will succeed in creating the vaccine at the same time will see Queen's anger.

In this chapter, we are presented with a very wow chapter through the zoan changes of all Flying Six members including Drake. In this chapter, I myself am a little wow because my old opinion about all Flying Six members is user ancient zoan right, 

but what is very unfortunate that these opinions are not all right because I conceptualize all Flying Six members are users of Ryu Ryu no Mi (Dragon-Dragon fruit) but in fact 2 of the 4 members are not Ryu Ryu no Mi users (my opinion is entitled. 
• Drake: Dragon-Dragon fruit, Model: Allosaurus
• Sasaki: Dragon-Dragon fruit, Model: Triceratops
• Black Maria: Spider-Spider fruit, Model: Rosamygale Grauvogeli
• Who's-who: Cat-Cat fruit, Model: Sabertoothed Tiger
• Page One: Dragon-Dragon fruit, Model: Spinosaurus
• Ulti: Dragon-Dragon fruit, Model: Pachycephalosaurus

Dragon-Dragon fruit, model; Triceratops
Triceratops is a genus of Herbivore Ceratopsid Dinosaurs that first appeared during the late Maastrichtian period of the late Cretaceous, some 68 million years ago in what we now know North America. 

The approximate size of the Triceratops is about 9m long, 3.8m high and weighs about 6.5 tonnes. The name Triceratops is taken from Greek which means "Three-Horned Face", the design of the Triceratops head serves as a protective shield as well as a weapon in battle and even Triceratops is often referred to as "Knight Dinosaur". 

Even though Triceratops is an herbivorous dinosaur, it is said that they never ran away from incidents involving Tyrannosaurus, which was both a predator and the top of the food chain at its time. That's why in chapter 998, Sasaki arrogantly told Franky "Just give up. 

Triceratops is the strongest living creature" this is not nonsense because apart from being a great fighter, Triceratops is an ancient zoan whose physical endurance is no doubt because Page One is in Spinosaurus mode and Ulti; with Pachycephalosaurus mode has proven it in previous chapters.
Spider-Spider fruit, Model: Rosamygale Grauvoge.

Rosamygale Grauvoge is the oldest Mygalomorph and ancestor of the oldest known tarantula that lived in the Anisian and Triassic periods (247 million years ago) in France. It is also the smallest Mygalomorph spider with an average length of only 1cm (the size of the longest fossil ever found reaches 6.8 mm).

The interesting thing about the concept of Black Maria as a Rosamygale Grauvoge user is its size where the length of Rosamygale Grauvoge in general only reaches 1cm while Black Maria's height is 820cm (SBS-Vol.97) as well as breaking many fan opinions that say Black Maria is a Titanoboa user. 

Just like spiders in general who use their web (spider web) as a trap, Black Maria also uses a similar technique proven by Sanji being trapped with his trap (chapter 997). 

In addition, the possibility that the Brothel house has been covered by many spider web traps if you ignore this Rosamygale Grauvoge characteristic, even the female Rosamygale Grauvoge lives most of her life in the same geographic area after they build their burrows. 

I can assume the strength of Black Maria will be very over power in the brothel.
Will Sanji fight Black Maria?
In my opinion, "no", it is possible that there will be outsiders who will mess with Black Maria's strategy and I think that Robin and Sanji will get more overpowered opponents than Black Maria.

Cat-Cat fruit, Model: Sabertoothed Tiger Sabertoothed Tiger or Smilodon is a genus of subfamily Machairodontinae of Felids who lived in the Pleistocene period 10,000 years ago to 2.5 million years ago in America. 

Until now, it is clarified that Similodon has 3 species; S. Gracilis, S. Fatalis and S. Populator, Ane himself is confused about the Similodon species adapted by Oda in his Who's-who zone. The size of Similodon is almost the same as the big cats of today (lions, tigers, etc.) 

even though they are not from the same subfamily but it is estimated that they have the same characteristics, namely relying on speed and strength, even Similodon has a slight advantage, namely in the shape of its teeth that resemble sword (saber) and even the word "Similodon" comes from Ancient Greek which means "scalpel" or "double-edged knife", 

because based on some research Similodon was said to be a "Peak Predator" in his day and it was said that Similodon hunted in groups the same way. lions, this is what we can see in chapter 998 where Jinbe is like being surrounded by a herd (army) of cat people and Who's-who as the leader of his colony.

Who's who-who really is? This question arises after we read some of these Who's-who-like dialogues.
"Because when you were a Shicibukai, I saw you several times". It can be concluded that Who's-who and Jinbe have met several times when Jinbe is still a Shicibukai. 

And if we are looking for the right time-line that Jinbe joined the Shicibukai when Jinbe became the captain of the Sun Pirates replacing Fisher Tiger and Jinbe officially abandoned his Shicibukai status at the height of the Marineford war (11 years from the current time-line or can assume Jinbe became a Shicibukai during 9 years). 

In the span of 9 years, there was a meeting between Who's-who and Jinbe, and there is only a little explanation about the Who's-who figure, namely; former pirate captain (chapter 979), 336cm tall, 38 years old and crab paella is his favorite food (SBS-Vol.97) and owner of the power of Zoan Similodon (chapter 998).

In this Who's-Who statement also led to public opinion "Who is he really?" and I increasingly think of a suitable theory for his inconsequential logic based on Jinbe's time-line to become a Shicibukai + interesting facts about Who's-who, my mind is on someone named "Rush"
Who is Rush?

This name is quite foreign to us because Oda's name was only confirmed by Oda through "One Piece Green: Secret Pieces". He is one of the pirate captains who became the Whitebeard Pirates alliance under Newgate's command.

The reason I assumed Rush was Who's-who was because Rush and Jinbe were at the Marineford war, even though they were in the radio station not far away during Ace's death incident (chapter 574), and while Jinbe became a Shicibukai he respected Newgate for providing protection for Fishman Island and personally. 

indirectly also Jinbe is also an alliance of the Whitebeard Pirates just like Rush which allows them to accidentally meet each other. Some goofy logos between Who's-who and Rush
Rush of a pirate captain. Just like Who's-who, Rush is also a pirate captain who is an alliance of the Whitebeard Pirates.

They are at a glance similar in height (maybe if the anime shows Rush's height but I didn't watch the anime so I can't take references from the anime😁😁)
Their appearance is quite similar (pict this post)
-Horns (accessories / helmets)
And just additional Rush info is only shown in the Marinford arc (chapters 558, 563, 568 and 574).

This chapter is closed by a small flashback from Yamato about Ace, while Yamato says "A few years ago a man came to beat my father". 
What Yamato meant here was Ace who came to Wano about 4 years ago or a year before Ace joined the Whitebeard Pirates. 

And regarding Yamato's expression, I am a little interested that Ace's real goal to Onigashima is to defeat the Wano leader which causes the villagers of Amigasa to starve and thirst (chapter 912). And on Ace's arrival to Onigashima, Yamato was greeted with a mask (Oden). 

The climax occurred in a small battle between the two of them without knowing each other's true reasons and the effect of their battle caused the dragon statue around the entrance gate of Onigashima to be damaged. 

And their battle ended in a balanced manner while Yamato, who was then using the identity of Oden, said he would take care of all his problems. And maybe because Yamato claimed to be Oden, Newgate never knew about Oden's death status because Ace had told him about his meeting with Oden (Yamato).

As usual, the one piece manga is a work of mangaka made by Eiichiro Oda. The One Piece Manga is a genre that provides adventure stories from straw hat pirates. the pirate captain Luffy aspires to be the pirate king and finds one piece.

Members of the straw hat pirates to the wano arc have gathered several members, namely, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Sanji Smoke Vin, Usopp, Nico Robin, Chopper, Franky, Brook, and Jinbe. They are pirate members who will help Luffy become the pirate king.

The loyalty and teamwork of the members of the straw hat pirates are extraordinary. their characters are also unique with great abilities their strength will continue to develop. At this time Luffy along with his friends struggled to free the land of Wano from the ruler of the Shogun Orochi and Beast Pirates Yonkou Kiado and Big Mom.

The schedule of Manga One Piece chapter 1000 itself is included in the weekly shonen jump magazine and will be published or released once a week. So one piece fans can enjoy reading online manga one piece manga every week if there are no obstacles delayed (delayed) or holidays.

To be able to read the One Piece Manga Manga Chapter 1000 which will be scheduled for release every week, of course, you can read the one piece Manga Chapter 1000 on the official site that provides read legal online manga like and

Now for the official one piece chapter 1000 manga release date based on information that Mimin got from the official site will be released on 4 January 2021. If there are changes about the release date Mimin will immediately update the information.

So don't worry Mimin will always update the latest information about manga and maybe the latest one piece comicfast anime. so forget to go back again to read the information on Mimin's blog which is always at the forefront in terms of manga and anime updates.