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Read Dr Stone Chapter 179 Raw Scan

 Read Dr Stone Manga Chapter 179 Raw Scan - Dr. Stone Chapter 179 Release Date, Spoiler, Leaks and prediction which will definitely continue the story of one of the main characters, Senku Ishigami, who wants to return humans and the world that has become stone with scientific or scientific knowledge. Dr. Stone who is very much loved by the comic fans of Dr. Stone.

Read Dr Stone Chapter 179 Raw Scan

Not only that, reading the manga Dr Stone Chapter 179 raw scan will also enrich information for fans about Dr Stone himself, especially in the world. Dr. Stone's manga story will certainly be a new fact that might surprise manga readers with an increase in new discoveries in science by Senku and his friends to revive the world and the kingdom of knowledge.

But currently Dr Stone Chapter 179 Comics is not yet available in the raw scan version which will definitely be released once a week. Instead, the release of Dr Stone Chapter 179 Manga will be released on December 20, 2020. If there is a delay, aka delayed from the latest update, Dr. Stone's manga, Mimin will immediately update.

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It will also make you appreciate the mangaka who made the Dr Stone manga which has been officially translated. well that's all the information on reading the latest manga Dr. Stone chapter 179 will always keep mimin updates.

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