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My Hero Academia Chapter 289 Release Date

Are you looking for information on My Hero Academia Chapter 289? when is the release date of boku no hero chapter 289? where can you read manga online BNHA?

Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 289 Release Date

So you came to the right site, comicfastest is the fastest My Hero Academia news site. according to WJS Megazine chapter 289 my hero academia will take a break. means that next week's rest.

My Hero Academia Chapter 289 will be released and aired on November 1, 2020. You can read the latest online manga on the mangaplus and viz sites.

for leaked chapter 288 you can read the review below. BNHA 288 With the title: save the takeo.

By this time, Gigantomachia had arrived in a part of the city and completely destroyed everything that was in front of him. There are several troops currently deployed to stop it by using a plane.

the league of villains forces ready to step down and attack. However, the toga has his own desire where he will meet the uraraka directly which is currently in that part of the city.

Uraraka is currently with Tsuyu on the task of saving people before Gogantomachia reaches their place.

However, there was a mother who shouted at Uraraka for help to her husband, Takeo.

Without thinking, uraraka immediately followed the mother into a small alley. Unexpectedly, the mother turned out to be a toga who had disguised herself by drinking the blood fluids from the women who had been attacked before.

after the toga showed its form, he lured uraraka into a room and tricked him to ask something.

Toga then appeared from behind and he immediately attacked the uraraka with a knife.

Toga said "You're so cute ochaco-chan, I want to be like you, now what are you going to do".

 After that, Uraraka looked very angry, not because the toga attacked him, but because he had desperately injured a mother just to draw blood fluids.

Uraraka says I help as many people as I can. If you interfere, I will catch you now.