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The God of High School Episode 10 Preview and Release Date

Hello GOH lovers, on this occasion Mimin will provide information about the leaked preview image of the god of high school episode 10 of the latest english subtitle along with the official release date schedule. So, what about Jin Mori, let's discuss it!

Don't forget you can watch the latest 10 episodes of the god of high shcool on the official webtoon page via the youtube platform. okay let's continue the discussion of GOH episode 9 which has been released today the Indonesian subtitle version.

The martial arts tournament still continues, this time the Seoul team represented by Jin Mori, Han Daewi and Yoo Mira advanced to the semi-finals. But they seem to be having a lot of trouble where Jin Mori disappeared and hasn't come to the arena yet.

Meanwhile we know that Han Daewi is also still under penalty of being prohibited from competing. The only thing that is the mainstay is Yoo Mira and Mira must win against a quite dangerous team from Jeju.

The first match between Lee Marin and Yoo Mira, this match is quite interesting and very exciting here Yoo Mira managed to use the power of the loan, namely charyeok sanga swordsman Lu Bu Fengxiang and managed to beat Lee Marin.

Meanwhile Jin Mori has to fight someone who seems like an outside enemy who tries to trick him by disguising himself as Taejin Jin's grandfather. But in the end, Jin Mori managed to beat him and returned to the arena.

Jin Mori was able to return to fighting thanks to the traditional acupuncture technique he learned from the six members. Thanks to the taekwondo technique, Jin Mori's blue dragon kick beat the other Jeju team members.

The preview of The God of High School episode 10 continues the battle between Jin Mori vs the last member of Team Jeju and most likely. Jin Mori will fight with Ilyo Park. The schedule for the release date of The God of High School episode 10 will be released and aired on September 7, 2020.