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Review Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 285

Hello, BNHA Lover, on this occasion Mimin will share about the latest manga boku no hero academia or my hero academia chapter 285 which is scheduled to be released this week. So what is the story, let's discuss it.

Review Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 285

So, where can you read Manga My Hero Academia or Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 285? You can read manga online at and which are the most complete online manga reading sites.

Let's discuss BNHA 285 with the title: Bakugou Katsuki RISING but you also still need other references because Mimin's review this time is quite short, not all of them are covered in this review of my hero academia 285.

At this time, Midoriya was seen still fighting Shigaraki and attacking him repeatedly, even though he was using Black Whip.

As a result, Midoriya's left hand was so badly injured that it was bleeding profusely. The current Midoriya had completely lost her control.

Bakugou looked at Midoriya with a different feeling. He then plans to assist him in defeating Shigaraki with the help of Endevour.

Then, Bakugou then remembered his past with Midoriya. There were also flashback scenes when Bakugou and Midoriya were children.

Endevour has a plan to attack Shigaraki from above. Bakugou and Shoto then helped Endevour to jump towards Shigaraki.

After Endevour managed to reach Shigaraki, he immediately embraced him very tightly. Then, Endevour instantly released an enormous explosion.

In the final panel, Shigaraki is seen alive and intending to attack Midoriya using the quirk that AFO used in Kamino before.

However, Bakugou quickly protected Midoriya. As a result, Shigaraki's attack finally hit and penetrated Bakugou's body directly. According to him, his body moved on its own to protect Deku.

How about Bakugou's fate will he survive? If according to Mimin, the BNHA story lately is full of emotional feelings. What do you think?

So that's a brief review of My Hero Academia Chapter 285. See you again in the discussion and review of Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 286.