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Review Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 284

Back again with Mimin who will share information about the review and discussion of Manga My Hero Academia or Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 284. In the first panel of Chapter 284, this is titled Ultramarine Battle.

Review Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 284

Where you can read manga my hero academia chapter 284? the answer. You can read manga online at the site and which are the latest official manga reading sites for My Hero Academia.

In the review chapter 284 BNHA, you still need other references to find out in detail what happened. Mimin only provides a brief review. well like what let's discuss below.

At this time, Midoriya and Shigaraki had started fighting and were clashing with each other midair.

The battle looks very intense and no one can stop them both.

Shigaraki then said, "if you really like the sky, then I will send you to the afterlife after I steal OFA with everyone". Then, Midoriya replied, "don't ever hurt them again".

When fighting, Midoriya then remembers all the memories when he trained with his friends.

 At UA, Midoriya initially trained together with Uraraka with the aim that he could unleash his Float power.

There is also a flashback of Bakugou speaking to All Might.

 Bakugou talked about the reason why the note from the 4th OFA user was scribbled, while the others were written in detail.

Bakugou also said that he really believed in Deku's power, but they certainly couldn't keep the OFA a secret any longer.

In the middle of the battle, Midoriya also analyzed everything about AFO and Shigaraki.

 According to him, the OFA quirk that he had was in fact from the very beginning it was created to be able to defeat the strength of the AFO.

Because Shigaraki has the power of AFO, Midoriya thinks that he is the only one who can stop him, by using all the OFA abilities he has.

Apart from that, Midoriya also said that his left arm had been broken due to using OFA 100% power twice.

In the final panel, Midoriya is seen attacking Shigaraki very quickly. He said "I will end it no matter what happens to me".