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Review Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 283

Hello Heroes lover, On this occasion Mimin will provide the latest information about reviews and discussions of My Hero Academia Chapter 283 which will be released this week. and also the schedule for the release date of Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 284. So what is the latest chapter review like this time, let's discuss it!

Review Manga My Hero academia Chapter 283

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In the discussion and review of chapter 283 Mimin still lacks information so you need additional references to be able to know the whole story of My Hero Acadeamia 283.

Previously the fierce battle continued Deku and Aizawa against Shigaraki Tomura who are truly extraordinary. Even Deku can issue one for all reaching 100% strength.

Of course in the manga chapter, Boku No Hero Academia 283, Deku's fight against Shigaraki continues.

At this time, everyone was panicking because Gigantomachia had headed for this part of the city. He destroyed everything in front of him indiscriminately.

Students A and B who had banished Gigantomachia were shown to have collapsed and were exhausted. Momo said that the longer Gigantomachia goes, the more area it will destroy.

On the other hand, the Hawks are shown to be alive, but they are very badly injured. but it seems that he feels something about the heroes.

As for Miruko, also alive and with a female side kick with a ninja appearance. He told Miroku to survive so that the heroes can win this battle.

Now on this panel again shows the Shigaraki Tomura, it seems that it has returned from a fatal wound. He said that he had the desire to destroy the Hero's guild.

But it seems like it made Deku Midoriya feel very angry because what happened to Aizawa and Grand Torino, he wanted to kill Shigaraki.

Lock told Midoriya to run away, but he didn't want to escape from the fight. Midoriya finally manages to attack and the Shigaraki's chest is split open.

In the final panel, Shigaraki once again uses Decay with the intention of killing all the heroes in front of him. However, Midoriya directly drew all the heroes up by using Black Whip to avoid the Decay effect.

That means this will be the final battle between Shigaraki Tomur vs Deku Midoriya in Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 284. We will see the Quirk Float activated by Deku Midoriya from Nana Shimura.

So that's all, a review and discussion of Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 283, see you again in the comic Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 284 which will be released next week if you don't have a holiday.