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Review Manga Black Clover Chapter 263 welcome back to Mimin's blog, which at this time will provide sharing about reviews and discussion of manga black clover chapter 263.Now there are some important points, namely the meeting of the captains of the clover kingdom who will go to the location of the Spade kingdom

Review Manga Black Clover Chapter 263

In this case please note this may contain spoilers in black clover chapter 263 but not necessarily one hundred percent correct. So you need other references to add a lot of knowledge in this chapter.

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Meetings of Kingdom Captains such as William Vangeance, Fuegoleon Vermillion, Nozel Silva, Charlotte Roselei, Jakc The Ripper, Dorothy Unsworth, Guelde Poizot, Real Boismortir are taking place.

We also know that in the previous chapter, Nacht and Asta also joined the meeting. And it seems like their presence made the captains shocked and also included Juno.

But not without reason because the vice-captain also provided the latest information about the location of the Spade kingdom. Looks like they're going to discuss something important and make plans to go to the spade kingdom.

From here also Qliphot seems to have opened and Qliphot itself has levels and stages that will be open for 7 days. Most likely within 7 days the gate will take 1 day to open.

I wonder what the captains will plan, especially to bring Captain Yami back. Then what will asta do if the nacht will continue to train?

We will see in black clover chapter 284 which is scheduled for release next week. See you later in the discussion on black clover 264 in English.