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Review Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 Perfect Ultra Instinct Son Goku

 Hello DBS Lovers, on this occasion Mimin will share information about the review manga Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 where Son Goku has mastered the power of ultra instinct perfectly with silver hair. So what about Moro's fate in the upcoming chapter 65?

Perfect Ultra Instinct Son Goku Silver Hair

DBS chapter 64 presents an interesting story to discuss and Mimin gets some important points, at least there are 2 things Mimin wants to catch in this chapter, namely perfect ultra instinct son Goku and Merus.

In fact, it can be said that the power of ultra instinct is not directly obtained through the training process, it's just that there are enemies who are indeed bigger than the strength of Son Goku itself. Like it or not, Son Goku has to cross his limits.

In the DBS anime version, Son Goku just got ultra instinct after getting a crushing defeat against Jigen who had to make Goku go beyond his limits. And in that incident, Goku only got a little ultra instinct power.

So to get ultra instinct power little by little, Goku has to get an opponent who is much stronger than him. But in this chapter, it is a bit different. Goku has practiced and shared with Merus many times, but still, he can't master ultra instinct.

Until in the end, this power was unable to fight Moro, then the power of Son Goku was truly mastered after Merus died. If according to Mimin this is the first time the trigger for this perfect ultra instinct comes from the Heart, not the enemy's power that is much bigger.

Not cans it seems that Kali Goku really has mastered the ultra instinct and when seen from his striking appearance is his silver hair. So that's the perfect picture of Son Goku's ultra instinct how he was able to master this power.