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How To Fix Sellers.json Google Adsense Publisher Account

Hello blogger friends! On this occasion Mimin will share how to deal with or fix sellers.json google Adsense on blogger and wordpress. with a layout tutorial to put the sellers.json script code on the google adsense account information.

How To Fix Sellers.json Google Adsense Publisher Account

As a google adsense publisher, of course a blogger must comply with all google policies and regulations to always obey so that your google adsense income is smooth and has no problems.

Recently, google gave a notification. You should publish your seller information in Google's sellers.json file. Go to the account settings page to review your current visibility status. Mimin believes all adsense publishers will receive the same notification.

The message concerns the visibility status of the google adsense account where adsense publishers can choose whether the visibility of seller information can be selected to be confidential or transparent.

This means that advertisers can monitor and verify your inventory as an adsense publisher through Sellers.json, which is a java script code to display publisher files on the google adsense account.

So adsense publishers have to put the sellers.json code in the Seller information visibility section and change it to transparent selection mode. This is useful for increasing transparency in the advertising ecosystem and helps fight fraud and if your information is not made transparent, advertisers will not be able to see your name, which can affect your revenue.


In this example, the publisher has made its information transparent in Google's seller.json file. Here's what advertisers see:

"sellerId": "pub-123456789098",
"sellerType": "PUBLISHER",
"name": "mimin".

seller id is the publisher code for your google adsense account.

seller type is the type of account whether you are a publisher or both if you are a publisher, you must use the word publisher.

The explanation above can be shortened and there is no need to bother putting the sellers.json script code because it is automatically helped by Google. so the adsense publisher only needs to choose to be transparent and just put the domain name without www and http or https.

How to make seller information transparent

Log in to your AdSense account.

Click Account.

On the "Account information" page, click Edit next to "Seller information visibility."

Select Transparent.

Add your business domain name, if applicable.

Your name, domain (if included) and publisher ID will appear in Google's sellers.json file.

After successfully waiting 24 hours for the notification to disappear, this means that you have succeeded in the seller's information being transparent, the same as the ads.txt file which does not disappear immediately.