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Facts about Deepa Character and Strength in the Kara Organization

Back again with Mimin who on this occasion will provide information about a member of Inner Kara named Deepa, whose debut appeared in episode Boruto 163. So what is Deepa's strength like and who is Deepa in Boruto anime?

Who is Deepa in Anime Boruto?

It could be said that the Kara Arc in this Boruto anime is a turning point for Naruto fans not to bully anymore that Boruto is waste. This fact is no longer valid since the organization started to enter the anime Boruto has become quite popular.

Well, Deepa is the right character to open the game with Victor, their appearance really makes Boruto like a mouse that can be trampled easily.

The character of Deepa himself is depicted as a clown face with an armor made of carbon with a very high density and the armor is very strong and not easy to penetrate.

Some of the strengths of itself have a sensor ability that can track enemies quickly, it is proven when Deepa looks for Hashirama's cells and always finds them. Not only that Deepa's own power is able to control stones.

With this power, stone fragments can make your opponent slowly hurt and bleed out. It happened to Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki who were not strong enough to fight Deepa.

Even the class of Jutus level S Rasengan was unable to beat Fathom because the carbon armor was so sturdy it could be manipulated all over the body. Until now, Deepa's terrifying abilities are still a secret.

Mimn herself doesn't know for sure the true strength of Deepa because their opponents are genins so it's enough to just throw stones to defeat them.

In addition, we know that in addition to the strong armor, Deepa is believed to be Amado's cyborg so it is certain that Deepa's body is the result of experiments from Kara's organization.