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Synopsis Boruto Episode 161, 162, 163, 164 Relase Date

Synopsis Boruto Episode 161, 162, 163 164 Relase Date and Preview. Welcome to Mimin's blog. On this occasion Mimin will provide the latest information about the synopsis of Anime Boruto episode 161, 162,163 and 164 including the scheduled release date for the latest Boruto anime. This August, Mimin synopsis the Boruto episode from Animedia Megazine.

Synopsis Boruto Episode 161, 162, 163 164 Relase Date

Synopsis of Boruto Episode 161 "The Nightmare Castle" which was released on August 16, 2020.
Cells originating from the body of the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju, have the power to make it possible to activate biological energy explosively depending on how they are used, these cells can become dangerous.

 All events experienced by Boruto turned out to be related to this prohibited item.
Boruto and his team learned that the item was in the hands of a very wealthy person who lived in a prison palace in the Silent Land, and they planned to retrieve it.

However, there are others who chase Hashirama's cell and try to steal it. In addition, there are some suspicious movements from Victor who had just met with Boruto and the team a few days ago, a mysterious man named Deepa also entered into this problem.

Synopsis of Boruto Episode 162 "Escape from the Siege!" which released August 23, 2020.
Boruto and his team were dragged into a search incident that occurred in the prisoner's palace. Not only were they considered to be the culprits, but they were also chased by some villains from the Silent Lands.

Boruto wanted to catch the real culprits in any way, but they were prevented by criminals who kept coming to attack one by one. Because of this they failed to catch the real criminal.

With Boruto's ingenuity, they were finally able to get out temporarily from difficult circumstances. However, more problems came that made them have to be surrounded again by criminals. Boruto and his team were finally cut off from their escape routes.

Synopsis of Boruto Episode 163 "The Chaser" which was released August 30, 2020.
Boruto and the team somehow managed to escape from the baddies. While on their way to chase the real culprits, they met a very skilled shinobi platoon.

Because they all did not know each other's circumstances, the condition turned into a situation of observing each other. In the midst of the tension between them, Konohamaru acted as an intermediary in order to obtain some guidance from the shinobi platoon.

The real cause of the search was finally discovered, the shinobi of the Mist Country (Kasumi no Kuni). And once again, Team 7 and Mugino began their pursuit of the real culprit. However, Deepa then came blocking them.

Synopsis of Boruto Episode 164 "Deadly Kinjutsu" which was released on 6 September 2020.
Boruto and his team finally caught the real culprit, a shinobi from the Fog Country. But not only was Boruto and the team there, a monster summoned by kinjutsu (a forbidden technique) by one of the criminal siblings they caught, Yuuga, appeared. They must deal with the monster inside a strong barrier.

Everyone was surprised by the monster who indiscriminately took chakra from whatever he could get, Boruto said he wanted to defeat the creature and get out of the barrier. However, Mugino responded that they were in a situation where they did not know how to handle the strange jutsu. So he firmly rejected Boruto's advice, Mugino continued to better avoid excessive battles for now.