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Spoiler Manga One Piece Chapter 988

Hello all! still waiting to read manga One Piece Chapter 988? Stay patient, one piece lovers because the release schedule for chapter 988 is still around 10 days away. While waiting for the latest one piece manga to be released, mini has a spoiler that might come true.

Spoiler Manga One Piece Chapter 988

This one piece spoiler chapter 988 is based on the results of Mimin's previous analysis from One Piece Manga 987. But for one piece lovers who don't like spoilers, please come out. This is completely not 100 percent really a one piece original spoiler just assumptions and Mimin analysis.

Oh yes, don't forget to read manga one piece chpater 988 next week on online manga reading sites such as and which are legal online manga reading sites. So don't forget to read the manga on the official site when it's available.

Okay, let's move on to the spoilers, there are 2 important factors that are the topic of discussion this time, namely the fight against 2 yonkou. We know in the previous chapter there was monkey D. Luffy, who was suddenly intercepted by the big mom. And what's more exciting is the Red Nine Scabbards who are fighting Kaido.

Can you guess what the battle against Yonkou will be like in One Piece 988? First, if there is a fight between Luffy and Big Mom, will Luffy win? This indeed seems too early if Luffy directly fought the Big Mom.

But Ode Sensei could have made this the beginning of Luffy vs Big Mom's fierce battle in Onigashima. Then has Luffy really mastered Ryuo's haki? If you have reached a high level of haki, this is a good opportunity to test the strength of Ryou Luffy against the big mom.

Then in the final panel of chapter 987 there are two mink tribes, namely inuarashi and nekomamushi who will show the ferocity typical of the mink tribe under the full moon. Kadio is currently remembering the past.

He might be traumatized remembering his battle with Kozuki Oden and the nine red scabbards now completely attacking him simultaneously and being able to injure Kaido's skin which is notoriously hard.

Mink vs Kaido tribe battle mode. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi benefit from the full moon. We know that the mink tribe has a secret technique where when they see the moon their strength becomes even stronger.

The leaders of the mink inuarashi and nekomamushi tribes respectively will clearly show their sulong mode to fight Kaido. but can only 2 mink tribe leaders defeat Kaido /

According to Mimin's assumptions in One Piece 988 Kaido, of course it will be hard to beat even with Kaido's sulong mode it will be able to survive even though the possibility of sulong attacks can cause fatal injuries to Kaido.

Can the one piece manga chapter 988 team Marco and Prospero work well? Until now Mimin also doesn't know what they are cooperating with. What they want to fight against Kaido. and it could be that after Kaido loses they will fight again against the big mom pirates.