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Review Manga One Piece Chapter 988

Hello one piece lovers, on this occasion Mimin will share about the latest one piece of manga. This week will be the newest one piece chapter 988 panel, so what do you think about the discussion and review of the one piece chapter 988 comic let's go!

Pembahasan One Piece Chapter 988

Keep in mind that Mimin only gets a little information and it is possible that the review on the occasion will be very short and Mimin will provide an update on the discussion of One Piece 988 tomorrow. Don't forget to read manga One Piece 988 on the official site of mangaplus and

Okay, there are some important panels that happened in the latest 988 one piece, including the all star battle against the mink tribe's men. There is also Sanji's stealth black germa 66 armor that fights the king as well as big mom vs Luffy and brook arrival.

The first panel continued in chapter 987 that it turns out that when Nekomamushi and Inuarashi will change to sulong mode which is a characteristic of the secret power of the Mink Tribe, they get interference from one of Kaido's all-stars, namely Jack, but the 3 musketeers and guardians also change to sulong mode for face jack.

It seems that elephants or mammoths will fight with the mink tribe who will use the power of sulong mode with full animal mode. This is what might be called a fight between beasts.

The next panel is a momonosuke rescue mission, there is an important role for Shinobu who is a female ninja whose movements are almost unnoticed by all kaido stars, namely kings and queens. Even though he succeeded in freeing Momonosuke, finally Shinobu was seen by the king.

The king's attack seemed to hit the Shinobu, fortunately, Sanji came to help with the power of Black Germa 66's stealth and fought the king. Sanji seems to need a special strategy to fight in the air against the king.

Next panel we see the big mom who has started to go crazy where she starts attacking Luffy and Nami with her sword. But unexpectedly Brook comes and will help Luffy defeat the Big Mom. Here we don't know for sure whether Luffy will actually face the big mom.

So that's a little discussion of the latest manga one piece chapter 988 this week. Unfortunately, one piece 989 next week is off because Ode Sensei needs a break. or oda sensei's schedule for the holidays.