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Review Manga One Piece Chapter 987

Manga One Piece Chapter 987 Review - Hello, Nakama is back with Mimin who on this occasion will provide information on one piece 987 review where the cover title is "The Loyal Servant". In this week's one-piece manga review, Jinbei finally appears. Cru Strawhat (wearing casual clothes) rides a giant pug with several small dogs.

Review Manga One Piece Chapter 987

oh yeah, don't forget to read the latest manga one piece on the and sites which are official English manga readers. The chapter starts with Kaidou, he remembers the day he was hit by Oden. He also remembered when Oden told him that his soul would live on and that he should not underestimate his samurai.

Back to the present. At first, the Red Scabbards sword couldn't penetrate Kaidou's body. But they put all their strength to attack and finally their swords pierced Kaidou's skin in the air. Kiku also managed to penetrate Kaidou's hand.

 Kaidou was surprised when he saw that the Red Sarong could use the same Ryuo as Oden. Then the wound Oden had given him suddenly started to hurt, making Kaidou scream for the first time.

 Kaidou and Red Scabbard fell to the ground together. When Big Mom saw the situation, she said "Oh, is Kaidou dead?"
Kaidou's men tried to attack the samurai but Hyogoro and Yakuza blocked them.

Yamato also tried to attack Kaidou but was stopped by Ulti. Yamato announces to Kaidou's men that they are not on the same side anymore. Nami and Carrot shock Big Mom's yokai with electric attacks and free themselves.

Kaidou was injured at several points with blood coming out of his mouth, but nothing serious. Kaidou mentioned how everything from Punk Hazard to Dressrosa was the work of the samurai who joined the Straw Hat pirates. But Kaidou also added that pirates are meant to betray other people.

So, if they lose, Luffy will leave them. Kinemon said Luffy was not like other pirates. He would stand on the ocean, and even if all the samurai died, Luffy would bring dawn to Wanokuni.

 Big Mom appeared in front of Luffy. He asks why did he come here, if he is here to bring down Kaido.
 Luffy says no, he's here to knock them all down. Kaido, Big Mom, Orochi and all his subordinates. This is a full scale war.

At the same time, all the allied samurai started attacking the castle. They reached the place where Zoro and Kid were fighting. We also saw Law fighting Kaido's army.

Marco and Perospero arrived at the castle together !!! They will be working on the same team for a while.

Kaidou accepts the Red Gloves challenge, he will show them the power of the "Strongest Being". Kaidou turned into a dragon and flew over the roof. The Red Gloves gripped Kaidou's body. Luffy said he would follow them soon.They arrived at the top of the dome, Kaidou would face the Red Sarong there.

Kaidou said it reminded him of that day 20 years ago, but this time Oden wasn't with them anymore. Then we see that all the Minks are waiting there, and the sky is now open. Nekomamushi: "There's one more thing that's different today. Full moon !!"