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Review Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 281

Hello heroes lovers! Welcome to mimin's blog. On this occasion, Mimin will share the latest manga from My Hero Academia English. Yup, it's true that this week Chapter 281 will be released and Mimin will provide a discussion and review of Chapter 281 of the comic Boku No Hero Academia. Let's discuss it!

Review Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 281

It looks like the fight against this villain will still continue. But don't forget to read manga on legal sites, namely and which are manga reading sites for My Hero Academia.

Okay, let's move on to the important discussion of chapter 281 where the first panel of the big enemy Shigaraki Tomura managed to get back up after fighting with endeavor. Looks like Shigaraki is trying to provoke the heroes.

One of the surprises on this panel is the demise of the incredibly fast Grand Torino. Shigaraki used high speed and attacked the Grand Torino until he was seriously injured and eventually died.

This event was witnessed by Midoriya with the naked eye that the Grand Torino finally died. Midoriya's anger was unbearable and screamed while attacking Shigaraki Tomura.

Maybe this is the feeling that results from losing a loved one. But it seems that the attack mixed with emotions is ineffective so the Shigaraki manages to counterattack Midoriya.

It is not easy, it seems that Midoriya has to have a strategy and finally takes out a black whip that can bind Shigaraki's body while holding back his movements. This was immediately used by the bakugou to attack the shigaraki.

On the other hand, endeavor can still get up and seems to have a little bit of energy to blow away the shigaraki, and maybe that's the endeavor's last attack. But unfortunately, it can seriously injure the shigaraki.

Shigaraki manages to escape from Midoriya and the black whip then uses abilities such as anti-quirk bullets and shoots at Aizawa which might eliminate his quirk.

It looks like Midoriya will try to fight it out to defeat Shigaraki Tomura and could even sacrifice his life. Maybe this is a suicide mission that will happen to save the world from overpowered villains like Shigaraki Tomura.

So, that's a brief review of the discussion of Manga My Hero Academy Chapter 281. See you again in Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 282 which is scheduled to be released next week.