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Review Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 280

Review Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 280. Hello nakama this time mimin will provide information that this week the manga my hero academia chapter 280 is released. Well what is Mimin's review about the latest chapter of my hero academia. see the below!

Review Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 280

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Manga My Hero Acedmia chapter 280 minggi titled Red Riot. Currently, things are getting more precarious. Mina, who was preparing to put some paralyzing medicine into Gigantomachia's mouth, failed. The heroes apparently failed to take down the monster.

Gigantomachia suddenly woke up and went on a rampage as he blew everything in front of him. Even Mt. Lady also could not hold it and finally bounced. Looks like the condition of the heroes will worsen.

Gigantomachia said to Mt. Lady he will try to keep Mt Lady away forever by throwing him to a place so far away that he can't come back.

Mina who was in a state of danger and she became the target of Gigantomachia. However, Kirishima managed to save Mina by pushing her and she ended up blocking Gigantomachia's attack. Kirshima then climbed onto Gigantomachia's body and stood on her palm.

Kirishima said that this is red riot and no one will get hurt. Then, after Kirishima ran on Gigantomachia's body, he was attacked by the Toga and broke the paralytic drug he was holding.

Besides, Kaminari's condition was very worrying from being hit by the previous attack. Then, Youyoruzu made lots of cannons and fired on Gigantomachia.

Kirishima is really growing rapidly. who initially seemed to be worthless quirknya abilities considered small by his juniors, until now his quirk has become extraordinary, the concept is really the same as freezing, from zero to hero.

In the final panel, Shigaraki is finally shown again and he is now in a weak state due to the effects of the previous Endevour attack with Bakugou.

Endevour tells Tomura Shigaraki that no matter how much power you take, we will never give up on someone who likes to destroy without trusting anyone.then, shigaraki replies to endevour saying hero is, save others, they are hurting their own family, that is my father's words, which i trust.