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Review Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 279

Review Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 279 - Boku Ne Hero Academia Chapter 279 Review With the Title: Alliance Villain vs UA Students. You can read manga online the latest chapter of my hero academia on dan

Review Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 279

This chapter switches to highlighting class A and B characters who were in the back position. Momo seemed to be planning something with the aim of defeating Gigantomachia. Sero felt so curious about the plan made by Momo, then he asked Tokage who was from class 1B. Tokage said that he still didn't understand the situation. However, using his quirk, he could see that there were bursts of fire coming from the back of the Gigantomachia's body. According to Tokage, it was likely that the villain troops were hiding.

Momo's plan is, he wants to inject 30ml of anesthesia into Gigantomachia. According to Momo, this method would prove effective in crippling Gigantomachia and making him unable to move anymore. Therefore, this time Momo asked for help from Mineta to make an adhesive net to immobilize Gigantomachia.

As Gigantomachia approached, Mineta called out the name Midnight to ascertain whether he was still alive or not. Then Mina shouted at Mineta's shout by saying "HE WILL DEFINITELY BE GOOD ONLY". He also said to everyone that they would be fine and would be able to gather together again.

Gigantomachia finally arrived in front of the students and Mt.Lady was still holding back its movements. Someone like Kamui's voice told the students that he couldn't hold it anymore, so they had to prepare a trap quickly. Mineta then immediately made a sticky net. Toga and Compess were very surprised by this. Then Momo shouted "DROP" to commemorate all students in their respective positions.

-Ibara who is from class 1B starts to attack by wrapping the body part up to the neck of the Gigantomachia using its root quirk. While Sero covered the head so that Gigantomachia could not see. After that, some students like Sato and others tried to subvert the Gigantomachia by drawing on the roots created by Ibara. The tension was mounting, the students continued to shout saying "you will not hope to rise" and "sleep".

Gigantomachia finally dropped, even making Toga and Compress until surprised. The students began to climb Gigantomachia and attack the Villains with their quarks. Dabi attacked Jirou and knocked him back. Compress warned everyone to be careful with Kaminari's quirk. Kaminari also had to be careful about firing the disk slabs to avoid being hit by others. However, Kaminari was defeated until it bounced quite far.

The students tried to throw anesthetic fluid into the mouth of Gigantomachia, but they thought it would not work easily. Then, Gigantomachia regained consciousness and created a gust of wind that made the students fall from her body. Momo still insisted and shouted "still yet" where he was still trying to take anesthetic fluid from the mouth of Giglantomachia in order to put him to sleep.

The villains who were still above Gigantomachia were discussing. Spinner said that everyone should go down to the ground and run. But Compress called it a bad idea because they could be defeated by heroes. Spinner also said that Gigantomachia's desire to meet Shigaraki was likely to disappear because he could not go there.

Mt. Lady then came and struck Gigantomachia's head toward the ground to open the mouth. The students once again climbed the body of Gigantomachia and there was someone who said "throw the capsule to the mouth ... it was the way we know to beat this men". The compress began to panic and warn everyone of the arrival of students. Then on the final panel, Mina is seen moving over Gigantomachia by using her quirk and preparing to throw capsules into the creature's mouth.