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Review Manga Black Clover Chapter 261

Welcome to mimin's blog. On this occasion, Mimin will share about the black clover manga, which this week has entered chapter 261. Now, what is the discussion flow of the latest black clover comic, let's review it.

Review Manga Black Clover Chapter 261

But before that, don't forget to read the manga on the official website when it's released, namely and which are the most complete online black clover manga reading sites for raw scan manga.

Okay, let's discuss and review black clover chapter 261 where after the captain Yami was kidnapped by Zenon, it seems that Yami is still breathing and is only a temporary prisoner. After that asta and friends got help.

In this case, asta may get minor wounds luckily the senior members and elders can help heal Asta's wounds. The best thing to do at this point for them is a recovery break.

The latest facts prove how weak Asta is who insists on saving the Yami captain even though his condition is not strong enough. This is evidenced by the statement of the devil in asta.

Right now asta can only cry grief over failing to save Captain Yami. But it looks like there is someone vice-captain who is trying to lecture asta. He is Nacht.

Nacht or nahato is a new character who seems to rarely appear and his presence in this chapter might give asta something important. It could be special training for asta.

Yes, even though in the chapter, Nacht said that the Yami captain was only a riot, but according to Mimin, the black bulls captain had the ability to recruit talented people for the black bull himself.

Well, if it's true, the nacht will try to guide and train asta to become stronger. There is a high probability that there will be another training arc that will probably time skip before saving Captain Yami. Let's just wait for black clover chapter 262.