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Review Manga Black Clover Chapter 260

Review manga black clover chapter 260 - hello nakama, come back with Mimin who on this occasion will discuss black clover chapter 260 and black clover chapter 261 prediction. Let's discuss in full below.

Review Manga Black Blover Chapter 260

where can you read the latest manga black clover chapter? You can read manga on official sites such as and which are online manga reading sites in EnglishIn the previous manga chapter 259, the battle of Asta vs Dante seemed quite extraordinary, because Dante with a high level devil could lose to Devil Asta who entered the lower level.

But before that, first look at the following explanation:
First, when Dante uses body magic: collossal demon which makes him a giant in the form of 80% devil. Asta attacks him with his first 'demon slayer sword' to cut and erase the magic on the part of Dante's body that was cut so that it doesn't regenerate.

Second, Asta uses the Japanese name 'shukuma' from Asta's second sword 'demon dweller sword' to cut and absorb Dante's body magic so that it cannot regenerate.

Third, Asta uses 'metsuma' aka 'demon destroyer sword' which is the third sword to cut and nullify body magic and break the bond between Lucifer and Dante.

Fourth, as a finishing attack when there is only 1 second left, Yami gives his sword to Asta and a black aura envelops his sword, the aura is thought to be from where Asta's anti-magic demon thus ends Dante's attack.

In the last panel you can see Dante lying around and Asta declaring victory, but is everything over? Of course not because of chapter 260. The victory is just a bait.

Asta, who has borrowed demonic power, turns out that the side effect is that asta's physical strength weakens. Zenon who came from another dimension suddenly appeared and kidnapped Captain Yami.

Apparently Zenon had calculated the right time when Asta was weak and it was proven when asta asked the devil to borrow his strength again. Because asta has weakened physically.

Then why did Zenon kidnap Yami if he wanted to open the devil's gate? And Mimin's theory to open a new dimension or gate requires Yami's sword and it seems that the sword is left behind. Still in the hands of asta.

It could be that the demon gates will open to the human world, maybe if Finral can head to the demon world after seeing zenon space magic. and thwart the zenon's demon gate opening ritual.

We will see later on manga black clover chapter 261 which will be released on August 23, 2020. Please be patient because WSJ weekly shonen jump is next week's break!