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Read Manga One Piece Chapter 989 Spoiler Prediction

Welcome to Mimin's blog, on this occasion Mimin will share predictions of One Piece Manga Chapter 989 which will be released on September 7, 2020. This one piece discussion will contain reviews, leaks and spoilers of One Piece 989 manga.

Read Manga One Piece Chapter 989 Spoiler Prediction

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Chapter 988 begins with the cover story 'oh my family' from Gang Bege which has entered a tedious stage where this cover story seems too long with a family drama that is irrelevant to the main story of the One Piece series. It turns out that Pound still hasn't given up on reuniting with his children. Cheer up, Pound!

In this chapter, the opler who predicts that Kaido will destroy the moon with bursts of fire must bite his fingers. Because Kaido didn't destroy the moon to prevent the Minks tribe soldiers from turning into sulong mode. There are some important information about Sulong mode which is contained in this chapter:

Minks warriors can freely choose to change to Sulong Mode or not. I mean like this, when exposed to moonlight, they can choose to stay in their minks form or switch to sulk mode. Maybe this was only for trained and experienced Minks warriors.

The change in form of sulong has a time limit. As revealed by Jack, it turns out that the Minks warriors cannot change continuously into sulky mode as long as they are exposed to the moonlight. Jack also said that the change in sulong's form was also temporary. If this is related to the change in sulong's form that happened to Carrot in the Whole Cake Island arc, it means that the time limit for sulong mode changes depends on the body's endurance and the physical strength of the Minks tribe that uses the sulong mode.

Kaido was apparently very happy with the arrival of the minks warrior who wanted to challenge him to fight with their Sulong mode. At the same time, Jack arrived bringing reinforcements from his men. Apparently Jack was quite worried about his Governor General's condition. This shows that Jack's performance is better than Queen who is his senior in the wild pirate Kaido. Jack is more responsive to situations than silly Queen in almost any situation.

The interaction that occurred when King offended Queen who was insensitive to the situation was very interesting and entertaining. It's the little details like these that make a one piece unique. Because there are always inserts of little jokes that brighten up the atmosphere tends to be serious like the current Onigashima war.

Jack is quite annoyed and admits that it is his fault that he has let his guard down by letting the samurai, mink tribe, and the worst generation of pirate alliance infiltrate the castle and make a fuss like this. Jack's appearance provoked a reaction from 2 kings of the mink tribe and Raizo who wanted to avenge what Jack did in the Mokomo kingdom at that time.

The change in Sulong of the mink tribe starting with Rody the bull and BB the Gorilla followed by the other Mink tribes indicates that they are ready to come together to fight Kaido. They all look creepy in their Sulong form! I was curious about how Inuarashi and Nekomamushi's sulong form changes later. Will the replacement weapons for their lost limbs change its shape along with their sulong's changing form?

Chances are, the battles between characters in the Onigashima war cannot be used as a 1 v 1 duel and are matched up to find who will fight who or who will win against whom. Since this is a war with many parties involved, what happens more often is a skirmish. Like what happened at Marineford, so there is very little possibility of a fierce duel between the 2 characters in the future. Like the red scabbards that hit Kaido in the previous 2 chapters. Right now maybe their portion of the fight will be divided by fighting Kaido's disaster commanders first, like Jack who is preparing to fight the Mink tribe led by this and Neko and Raizo.

It turns out that my prediction this time was right back in the chapter review where before, I had always been of the opinion that the typical intelligent character who disappears momentarily from the storyline being shown, usually comes back with a surprise. Well, in this chapter. This is evident in the 2 incidents in this chapter.

My guess is true that Sanji is not just looking for a comfort woman. This was proven because in this chapter Sanji turned out to free Momonosuke. Maybe at that time Sanji had the excuse to look for a comfort woman because he didn't want to make his friends worry about what Sanji would do in this chapter. But unfortunately Sanji encountered quite a serious obstacle when his efforts to save Momo were anticipated by King who was responsive to banishing Shinobu and Sanji who were trying to release Momonosuke.

Franky and Brook who also performed with style and were Total Badass surprises.
Let's talk for a moment about Zeus's fate here. It seems like Zeus and Nami have become close since they were together. They don't want to let each other go. Unfortunately their relationship ran aground because Big Mom did not approve of her, who insisted on getting Zeus back into her grasp. Meanwhile, Zeus could not refuse Big Mom's wish, which incidentally has Zeus's whole soul. As Zeus is the main Homies which consists of a piece of the soul of Big Mom itself.

In the original Japanese version, Big Mom refers to Nami with the term "Dorobo Neko" which means "Cat Thief". A sweet reminder to us of the nickname Nami has had since in East Blue.
But One Piece is not a soap opera .

The dramatic story of the end of the friendship between Nami and Zeus was "ruined" by Franky and Brook's furore. Franky gallantly shouted "Furankii Raidaa" (Franky Rider) while running over the faces of the strongest mothers in the ocean with his FR-Kurosai.

In the end ... Big Mom is arguably the Big Meme. Because for the umpteenth time Big Mom received misfortune that could be said to be very ridiculous. With a very male style, after running over and dropping Big Mom Franky said: "I'm sorry I ran over flowers in the middle of my way".

A very male remark, by a very male character. The fall of Big Mom after being run over by Franky, is not trivial. Because there are rarely characters in the One Piece series who are able to bring down a Yonkou.

 I don't want to discuss the opinion further about Sanji vs King, because it can't be called a duel. The interaction that occurred between O-Soba Mask and King was only a momentary clash centered on Momo's presence. Rather than discussing Sanji, I prefer to discuss Franky and Brook further in this chapter.

The appearance of Franky and Brook who ran over Big Meme, eh Big Mom. You could say that it was a very sweet counterattack. We know that Big Mom and one of her flagship Homies once defeated Brook in the treasure room of Big Mom's castle. We also know that the Thousand Sunny was damaged quite badly when Big Mom went berserk due to her crazy hunger.

I think, the last scene that is presented at the end of this chapter is a reply to Big Mom for her actions in the Whole Cake Island arc. Especially for Franky. Imagine how Franky reacted when he saw the Thousand Sunny, the ship that he made with all his heart. In a pretty sad condition due to being damaged by Big Mom when Luffy returned from Whole Cake Island.

Oh god, if only Franky could do bushoshoku haki. I don't think playing hit-and-run like this is enough for Franky. However .. Franky is a character with traits that can be said "really guy". Cool Franky, no medicine this time.

Just like Franky, Chapter 988 this time is a very supernatural chapter. Full of action, full of drama and full of surprises. Hopefully Oda will stay healthy so that the chapter comes out regularly every week. If the newest chapter comes out every two weeks like this, it might not be finished in the next five years, it could actually be delayed to finish the next 10 years because the release time continues to delay.