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Read Manga One Piece Chapter 988 Prediction

Read manga one piece 988 prediction - back again with Mimin who on this occasion will provide a discussion and prediction of one piece 988. Don't forget to read manga one pice on the and sites.

Read Manga One Piece Chapter 988 Prediction

At the end of the previous chapter we were treated to a scene where Kaido was briefly imagined by Oden's figure. So it turns out that my prediction about Kaido being haunted by the shadow of Kozuki Oden for the last 20 years turned out to be correct. In the One Piece series, this is the umpteenth time that a scar can be a serious marker of what happened in the past.

 We can find something similar when Shanks shows Whitebeard the claw scar on his left eye when discussing Teach, then when Luffy feels the pain in his scar when Jimbei talks about Akainu.
Because a scar that hurts can be one thing that motivates a character to reverse the circumstances and shadows of the past that have been haunting.

Now Kaido fully understands the excessive worry that is experienced by Orochi and all the situations that have occurred since the Punk Hazard arc until now. Oden's samurai followers and allies were temporarily superior due to the element of a successful surprise attack, but it was possible that in the future this advantage would reverse when Kaido and his allies had taken control of the situation.

However, Kaido's bullying of the red scabbards here contains some ambiguous elements. Kaido tries to weaken the fighting spirit of the red scabbards by saying that cooperation with pirates is not profitable. Where pirates usually take personal advantage and don't care about other things, including their own allies.

On the one hand, the bluff was just a bluff that wouldn't have any impact on the red scabbard. Because Luffy's character and personality as the main character plays an important role, it becomes something that reinforces the enthusiasm and confidence of the red scabbards. Inspirational things like this are common in Shonen series, where the main character is usually very inspirational and trustworthy and destined to become a great person in the future.

On the other hand, the bluff presents an inevitable reality. Because the alliance between pirates is not for the sake of achieving a common goal, but for personal or group goals. This is a reminder for us as One Piece readers. The real pirates, are not a good group of people (Except Luffy and the other pirates who play the protagonist in this series).

 A concrete example that can be evidence for this is Marco and Perospero who worked together for a while. In fact, previously they were opposing parties. Now Perospero is on the opposite side of his mother who is allied with Kaido. This happened because each of the parties involved in the war this time had different views, desires and goals from one another.

Hyogoro's grandfather was surprised to hear Luffy's ambitious goals who want to beat up all the antagonistic characters in Wano. Basically, this chapter is a sweet reminder for us about the uniqueness of the One Piece series. Where the good and evil systems do not have a very clear measurement for their characters. Because all characters have very diverse goals and personalities.
In this chapter, the gorilla calf calls Luffy by his name. Hey, they're getting along here.

Hey we have one more interesting fact in this chapter. Here we can see that Ulti also has weapons, you know! Namely a spiked bat as a weapon. The weapon Ulti uses is very much in line with the beast theme that exists among the Kaido pirates. Where the weapon used by Ulti depicts a character with brutal power in the style of barbarians who were notorious for being cruel in the past. Very fitting with the ability of the devil fruit.

Okay, speaking of weapons, is Hyo's grandfather's sword included as Meito? Whether it's meito or not, but Grandpa Hyo's actions in fighting with his sword and ryuo are worth looking forward to.
The shocked reaction shown by Queen has always presented its own comedy and entertainment elements from the very beginning of its appearance. As an antagonist, Queen is very entertaining! Queen's shocked reaction became the main contributor to the readers' surprise to the rest of the Kaido pirates.

At the end of the chapter our curiosity is again tempted by three things. The first is the mink tribe who have got ready on top of the skull dome. Under the full moon, they were ready to tear Kaido apart with their sulong mode. Snow falling from the sky in the scene adds to the dramatic element that we feel when reading this chapter.

The second is, why is Kaido unable to fight in his dragon form while under Onigashima's skull? Is it because the place is not wide enough? Or .. lest the skull dome, Kaido is not able to create clouds as a place to stand in the form of a dragon. in addition to the sharp increase in the intensity of the storyline, there are many interesting new facts to be listened to in this chapter. one piece chapter 988
Can Kaido survive the onslaught of the mink tribes who are rampaging under the moonlight?