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One Piece Episode 936 Preview and Release Date

One Piece Episode 936 Preview and Release Date. Welcome back Mimin. On this occasion, Kaili Mimin will discuss the preview of One Piece Episode 936 which continues Luffy and Hyogoro competing in sumo inferno led by Queen the All-Star.

One Piece Episode 936 Preview and Release Date

In the previous episode, Luffy and Hyogoro survived and always managed to defeat Queen's men in the sumo match. Although Luffy and Hyogoro's neck was bound by a sea stone chain. but their intellectual power seems to be affected.

On the other hand, Zoro survived the battle against the subordinates of the shogun orochi against the shinigami from the city of flowers. But Zoro got a pretty bad injury. Luckily Hiyori helped heal Zoro's wounds together with the store with medicinal herbs and frog oil.

Zoro insisted on getting back the shusui sword from Gyukimaru who had stolen his sword. But Hiyori asked Zoro to heal the wound first. After that, the bandit bridge to meet again with Gyukimaru.

The Sumo Inferno match heats up in Udon Prison. Luffy continually tries to hit people who can hit them without touching them. It was apparently realized by Hyogoro who tried to give an example of Haki or Ryou.

In the one-piece episode 936 Hyogoro the yakuza during the Kozuki Oden period, however, mastered Haki or the so-called Ryou in the land of Wano.

Luffy will learn Ryou by raising high-level Haki in the udon prison while continuing to defeat his opponents in the sumo inferno match held by the Queen.

The scheduled release of one piece episode 936 will come out on August 9, 2020. Watch one piece episode 936 English subtitles that will usually be available starting at 09.00 Crunchyroll.