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New Opening Song Everlasting Shine TXT Anime Black Clover

TXT's song Eien ni Hikare (Everlasting Shine) will be the opening song for the black clover anime. We know that along with this latest opening song, black clover will return to the manga adaptation, so watching black clover anime will be even more exciting, right?

New Opening Song Everlasting Shine (TXT) Anime Black Clover

Reporting from the official website for Anime Black Clover revealed that five members of a Korean group called TOMORROW X TOGETHER performed the new Opening Song for this anime. The song is entitled Eien ni Hikare (Everlasting Shine).

The song will be included as the band's second single under the title single DRAMA on August 19. The song will debut in the anime on September 1.

After a brief hiatus due to PSBB, the Black Clover anime is now back on air, bringing new surprises to the audience, both in terms of the story that is currently entering an exciting arc, as well as the soundtrack. The next Black Clover anime soundtrack will be sung by TXT, a boy band from South Korea.

This was announced by the anime production company Black Clover on Wednesday (29/7). The song Everlasting Shine, which is sung by TXT aka Tomorrow X Together, will start filling in for Black Clover's opening starting on the episode that will air on September 1.

Everlasting Shine will again be the first TXT original to speak Japanese. The song is included in their next single.

The drama contains three tracks in Japanese. The single album, which will be released on August 19, will also include their other Japanese song Can't You See Me ?.

Even though it is the first original Japanese song, this is not TXT's debut in the Japanese song market.

Early last year, they released the single Magic Hour which topped the Oricon chart and got an official gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) .TXT consists of five members, including Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai.