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My Hero Academia Volume 28 Release Date

Welcome back to Mimin's blog. On this occasion Mimin will provide the latest information on the release schedule for Manga My Hero Academia or comic Boku No Hero Academia Volume 28.

My Hero Academia Volume 28 Release Date

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after the 27th volume was released on July 3, which coincided with Twice's death scene. Now the 28th volume is back with a number of new updates.

One of the updates there is from the cover side wherein the 28th volume, Kohei Horikoshi turned out to have made the characters Aizawa and Shigaraki Tomura the models on the cover of the front page.

 From this, we can also guess that the 28th volume will focus on Aizawa, who is indeed one of the characters who have a crucial role in the Revolution War arc this time.
For your information, the 28th volume entitled "DESTRUCTION'S VOLTAGE" will be released in Japan on September 4, 2020.

Manga My Hero Academia Volume 28 sells for up to 484 Yen which contains 184 pages, starting from chapters 271 - 281.

So if the manga or comic My Hero Academia is already circulating in your country, don't forget to buy it. It indicates the tone of manga fans who appreciate the manga creator Kohei Horikoshi.