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Manga My Hero Academia, Became The Top 2 Popular Manga in United States

My Hero Acedemia manga has a special place in the United States. Hello, Nakama is back with Mimin, who on the occasion will review one of the most popular manga, My Hero Academia.

Manga My Hero Academia, Became The Top 2 Popular Manga in United States

It turns out that currently manga that has the super hero action genre is one of the favorite manga in Uncle Sam's country. No wonder this manga is really exciting, especially for the anime version, either season or movie.

after the anime My Hero Academia yesterday received an award as the number two most popular event in America. Now, the comic edition of My Hero Academia is also again named as the comic with the highest selling performance in the United States.

This news was stated by Kevin Hamric, a deputy leader of the publishing section at the company Viz Media, while conducting an interview with ICv2 on Friday.

Kevin said that the My Hero Academia series recorded the title as a comic that is currently leading sales. Or to put it simply, My Hero Academia (VIZ) is a comic series that is currently recorded as the most purchased and circulating, especially in America.

You could say, there is no question that My Hero Academia is very well known in the American market. In short, My Hero Academia has always had its own name in the country as Uncle Sam, especially with its storyline that has adapted many comic series of American heroes like DC or Marvel.

So, it's no wonder that the comic series created by comic artist Kohei Horikoshi will be liked by the American public and is always a target when the latest volume is released by the Viz Media company.

We, as fans, should not lose to other countries. Therefore, let's start now to buy the comics. Because by buying comics, we can provide direct support to the illustrator.