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Manga Act Age 123 The Final Chapter

Back again with Mimin who on this occasion will provide the latest information on one of the hottest or most popular manga in the world where the manga is Act-Age and Mimin will also provide a release schedule for Act Age manga chapter 123.

Manga Act Age Chapter 123 The Final Chapter

Act-Age is a mangaka work created by Tatsuya Matsuki and illustrated by Shiro Usaazki. Manga Act Age tells the story of a Kei Yonagi who wants to become an actress even though he is still a high school student. However, Sumiji Kuroyama had to properly train her talent for her potential to become an actress.

The Manga Act-Age Chapter 123 schedule is also included in the weekly shonen jump (WJS) magazine with publisher from shueisha. you can read manga online every week on the official site read mnaga online Act Age at

The schedule for the official release date of Act-Age chapter 123 manga based on information that Mimin got from the official website will be released on August 10, 2020. You can read the online manga act age 123 in english on my blog which of course provides a link to read manga online from the official website. mangaplus.

however, the act-age manga will be the last chapter today, the publisher of Shonen Jump officially issued an official statement regarding the harassment incident by act-age writer Tatsuya Matsuki regarding the continuation of the series in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

"As a result, we have decided that we cannot continue with the act-age series. The chapter that will be published with the compiled edition of Weekly Shonen Jump 36/37 will be its final chapter," the publisher wrote as the final decision on the continuity of the manga drawn by Shiro Usazaki. source