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Boruto Episode 162 English Subtitle

Hello, Boruto lovers, on this occasion Mimin will provide the latest information on Boruto Episode 162 English subtitles starting from the release date, synopsis, and preview. So where can you watch Boruto episode 162? You can watch it on official sites like

Boruto Episode 162 English Subtitle

Okay, before we head to the latest Boruto episode, we will review a little from the previous episode about hashirama Senju cells. In this sophisticated world, Senju genital cells seem to be an expensive item.

Even now for the Kara arc, Hashirama's cell is a very important opening for Boruto anime because it has already started adapting from the manga.

A little information about Hashirama cells, Senju lineage cells as well as the reincarnation of Ashura Hashirama have a very strong body with the mokuton Jutsu. Very few of these users other than Hashirama namely Yamato and Madara.

Both their Yamato and Madara were also the results of Orochimaru and Kabuto's experiments. But they apparently managed to master a different mokuton element from Danzo who did not control the hashirama cells. But why is Naruto not using a mokuton even though one of his hands is also part of Hashirama's cell?

Okay back to the preview and Synopsis of Boruto Episode 162 Escape from the Siege !. Boruto and his team were dragged into a search incident that occurred in the prisoner's palace. Not only were they considered to be the culprits, but they were also chased by some villains from the Silent Lands.

Boruto wanted to catch the real culprits in any way, but they were prevented by criminals who kept coming to attack one by one. Because of this, they failed to catch the real criminal.

With Boruto's ingenuity, they were finally able to get out temporarily from difficult circumstances. However, more problems came that made them have to be surrounded again by criminals. Boruto and his team were finally cut off from their escape routes.

The scheduled release date for Boruto episode 162 English subtitles will be released on August 23, 2020. You can watch the latest Boruto episodes on official sites such as