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Boruto Chapter 50 Release Date, Spoiler And Leak

Welcome to Boruto Lovers, On this occasion, Mimin will share about the manga or comic Boruto Chapter 50. There is also a schedule for the release date of the Boruto Ch 50 comic and the latest Boruto chapter 50 reading site. So don't worry Mimin will also give Boruto 50 spoilers and leaks.

Boruto Chapter 50 Release Date, Spoiler And Leak

So where can you read Boruto manga chapter 50 online? Based on the information that Mimin has, there are 2 official sites to read Boruto manga, namely and which read manga in the English version.

Okay, this time Mimin will provide the latest leak of Boruto manga chapter 49 which continues the Otsutsuki who suddenly was in the village of Konoha and surprised the local population. Please note that the arrival of Isshiki Otsutsuki is looking for kawaki.

But it's really not clear that it will be easy because Naruto will do his best to protect Kawaki and the village of Konoha. Naruto went first with Isshiki otsutsuki as usual in a taijutsu power battle.

While Uchiha Sasuke and Boruto are in the dimension first. You could say this is a strategy to defeat Isshiki, but Naruto seems to be in trouble and is again helped by Sasuke.

On the other hand, Boruto also helps fight Isshiki Otsutsuki in this fight, it seems that he uses the power of karma and the power of the eye power of Jougan awakens? actually, Boruto also needs to know himself, controlled by Momoshiki when using the power of karma

When will the release date of Boruto Chapter 50 come out? as usual, boruto manga is included in the bio monthly which comes out every month in V Jump magazine. For the scheduled release date for Boruto Chapter 50, it will be released on September 18, 2020. If there is a new update, Mimin will immediately update it.