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Black Clover Episode 139 English Subtitle

Come back again with Mimin who on the occasion will provide information about the synopsis, preview images, and the release date schedule for Anime Black Clover Episode 139 English subtitles.

Black Clover Episode 139 English Subtitle

In the previous episode, Black Clover 138 tells about a boy who wants to become a magic knight named Ina. Ina is a country boy who wants to enter the magic knight selection exam among village children.

While the average number of magic knights came from noble families. Ina was provoked and had to fight with the nobles' children.

Ina, who doesn't have a grimoire, of course, was crushed, but lucky she got help from black bulls and got enlightenment from Zora Ideale.

Then Ina realized and apologized to her father and Ina will continue to train to be able to escape the selection of a magic knight along with her father.

black clover episode 139 preview with the title "tells of a sorcerer who will return to his hometown who is he? for the release schedule of black clover epsiode 137 which will be released on August 18, 2020.