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6 Interesting Facts From Manga One Piece 987

Hello, one piece lovers! On this occasion, Mimin will provide the latest facts from manga One Piece Chapter 987. After what happened in that chapter Mimin has found interesting facts. Here are the facts that happened in the one piece manga 987.

6 Interesting Facts From Manga One Piece 987

The first, was that Kaido was completely haunted by Kozuki Oden. It turns out that my prediction in the One Piece manga review chapter 986 has been proven. That Kaido has been haunted by the figure of Kozuki Oden in his mind. This was proven when Kaido once again remembered Oden's figure in his mind when he was hit by the red scabbards.

Second, an important fact was revealed. Since the beginning of his appearance, Kaido is narrated as a character who is "invincible" because of his tough skin and fighting ability. This chapter further proves that there are various effective ways to deal with Kaido, who is said to be the strongest being in the world. As well as the disclosure of Kaido's weakness which we will discuss in the fifth point.

Third, the Great War had officially begun. Starting with the emergence of samurai allied with the pirates began to show themselves who had been mingling and disguised in the Onigashima fire festival party. This war was officially opened by Luffy who stated that he wanted to beat everyone (Kaido, Big Mom, Orochi, and their member) and announced a massive war.

Fourth, the Unexpected Alliance. It has been revealed that the figure above sea level that Marco met is Perospero. It turns out that they worked together for a while. It's certainly quite interesting that Perospero's Mother is on the opposite side of him for now. Regarding this ocean pirate alliance in full, we will discuss it later in the analysis segment.

The fifth, is a sweet surprise under the moonlight. In this chapter, it was revealed that Kaido's weakness is that he cannot fight in his dragon form inside the skull dome because of something we will discuss in the analysis segment. On a snowy night with bright moonlight without the slightest cloud. The Mink tribe is ready to attack Kaido in their Sulong form.

Sixth, "next week is off" when the storyline is getting more exciting. As you know, WSJ's Weekly Shonen Jump all the manga included in the magazine are on holiday.

That's the latest fact contained in Chapter 987 this time. In the One Piece series, this is the umpteenth time that a scar can be a serious marker of what happened in the past. That's all the facts about one piece 987, don't forget to share this article. Thanks.