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The God of High School Episode 5 Preview

The God of high school episode 5 Preview - Still continuing the freestyle martial tournament. In the previous episodes GOH episde 4 Yoo Mira and Han Daewi made it through to the semifinals. mimin will also provide information on the release date of the latest high school episode 5.

The God of high school episode 5 Preview

Mori Jin who violate the rules of the game must be punished and sanctioned to fight against an executive named Q. The reduction between Jin Mori vs Q is won by Mori Jin.

Because according to the rules of the match if jin mori successfully dropped Q then he is considered to win. But Q did not accept if he was dropped several times by jinn mori.

Q also used the power of the loan and finally the match had to be stopped by other executives including the leadership of Park Mujin and gave a Q sentence of 3 months not getting paid.

 The God of High School Review episode 4 unexpectedly thought that Mira would be married to a wealthy businessman. but mori jin seems to feel something different from Mira yoo.

Mori Jin immediately asks Mira if she really wants to get married and Mori Jin continuously convinces Mira Yoo to cancel her marriage.

The morin jin efforts were assisted by Han Daewi to cancel Mira's marriage and finally, they succeeded. The marriage was canceled and Mira still wants to continue her father's moonlight sword dojo and continue the martial arts tournament.

But the opponent of the semifinal martial arts tournament must fight Han Daewi and Mira gets a wound that has not healed and Han Daewi defeated Mira Yoo.

Han Daewi also seems to be forced to do this in order to help his friends in the hospital. Han Daewi successfully advanced to the final round.

The God of High School preview episode 5 will compete for the final battle between Mori Jin and Han Daewi. the battle between karate and taekwondo.

The God of high school episode 5 will be released on August 3, 2020. You can watch online the God of high school English sub on the Crunchyroll site