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Review Manga One Piece Chapter 986

Review Manga One Piece Chapter 986 - On this occasion, Mimin will give a review and discussion of one of the most popular manga in the world, one piece. Week one piece 986 has released the raw scan version. You can read one piece 986 manga at and

Review Manga One Piece Chapter 986

As usual, we don't waste time rereading the storyline. However, we will discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and analyze the interesting details of the latest chapter as usual. Without further ado let's first discuss the cover story!.

Cover story Oh my family from Bege continues in this chapter again. After Chiffon and Lola met her biological father, Pound. Eh, pound left instead. Basic children no morals. Will it fit on the boat?
Next, we discuss the advantages of chapter 986.

The classic play of a warrior.
Looks like a pair of headless cavalry soldiers drawn by Kanjuro yesterday became a crucial clue about the fate of a pair of characters. Ironically, this is reflected in the self of Orochi and Kanjuro whose fate ended tragically, each in the hands of Kaido and a red sword sheath. Kanjuro's fall was the answer to Kikunojo's tears in chapter 985 yesterday which turned out to be a feeling of the struggle of the red scabbard with Kanjuro while they were Oden's followers. Fight the red scabbard. Now it's time to defeat Kaido!

Kaido's sense of justice
Although known as a person who is always cruel at every opportunity, this is the second time Kaido shows his sense of justice! Kaido tried Momo as well as he could even though his group members were very disorganized in the brief litigation conducted by Kaido. Hopefully, Kaido's youth is revealed in a flashback going forward to add depth to this Kaido character. We will discuss this further in the analysis segment later.

Sanji and Law might have a surprise
Typically, a character with typical cleverness, if it disappears for some time, is usually able to create the big shock / solution needed when circumstances are pressed. I'm optimistic that Sanji isn't just off to search for lonets, while Law will definitely have big plans that are mind-blowing for the future. Because in a panel we can see Trafalgar Law is already together with Bepo who is in action.

Potential dueling girl types in the future
In this chapter Ulti specifically mentions that he has business with Yamato. Well, this could be the possibility that there will be a second-round duel between Ulti and Yamato. If they duel later, who do you hold? Ulti or Yamato. I'm both.

Momo's determination is the main driver of this chapter
 Momo has a chance to survive if lying to Kaido. But Momo held fast to the words and determination inherited from his parents. His honesty led to a fairly mixed scene. Want to laugh but not Kaido's men ... but overall the courage of Momonosuke deserves a thumbs up. Because Momo's courage is followed by a number of events that build a sense of optimism in this chapter. I hope Momo doesn't wet herself.

Sweet reminder from Oda
Here again, we are treated by Oda an important reminder for us. Although at the beginning of its appearance Kaido was narrated as an existence that was difficult to match, it did not mean that Kaido could not be defeated. We will discuss the cause of this in the analysis segment later.
The only drawback in this chapter might be the lack of pages presented in this chapter. As fans of the One Piece series, some of us must feel something like this:
Waiting for 2 weeks reads 20 minutes. You know, just to be continued.
Does anyone feel that too?

Next, we move on to the detailed analysis segment chapter 986.
The drama element is very thick in this chapter. And this is what we will discuss in more detail in the analysis chapter of the review chapter this time.
I think that the pair of headless soldiers that Kanjuro drew yesterday was not only a reflection of the tragic fate that befell Orochi and Kanjuro. It could be a pair of warriors is a reflection of the fate of Denjiro and Kin'emon going forward.

I thought of that because the pair of warriors in the picture have similarities with Denjiro and Kin'emon who appeared at the beginning of the chapter. Moreover, the red scabbard made the Onigashima war a gamble of their life and death. Where they have no intention to escape this war for one purpose. Realizing the ideals of Kozuki Oden.

For Luffy and Yamato, it seems like Kaido isn't the opponent they will face right now. There are 2 things that underlie my question about this. First, Ulti has returned to chasing Yamato and Luffy. It is likely that Yamato will face Ulti first.

Kaido made a contest to capture Yamato. The aim of the contest turned out to be related to Kaido's big announcement at the fire festival. Indeed, we have already known that in the previous chapter. Because Kaido wanted to make Yamato a puppet Shogun in the land of wano. It is also possible that there will also be several matchup battles between characters where in this chapter there are clues about who will fight who. But I don't want to speculate on that. Because I personally enjoy the royal battle between characters.

In this chapter, Zoro and Kid are also featured. It seemed they had overcome the enemies before them. One interesting thing here is that Trafalgar Law has gathered with his crew and joined the action. At least we can see Bepo posing with his horses.

Well, the interesting thing in this chapter is that we haven't seen Franky and Brook. I wonder what surprises they will show later. In addition, the Bracchio Tank Team driven by Usopp and Chopper has deviated from the original plan to gather behind. The Bracchio Tank team instead headed to the Execution platform to try and save Momo.

Things that are increasingly chaotic like this can usually lead to a surprising situation later, and we can be sure that it will be a very interesting thing to look forward to.I also still hope that X-Drake, which hasn't appeared since chapter 979, has a good surprise for us going forward.

The most interesting thing here begins with something that is very familiar to us as fans of One Piece. Where "inherited determination" comes to the surface in this chapter. Where is Momo's flashback about the words of his mother and father inspired him to dare to be honest even though life is at stake? Then followed by revealing a little weakness of Kaido here.

Indeed, at the beginning of its appearance, Kaido was told by the narrator as the strongest creature with all his superiority which made us fans of One Piece think that Kaido was very difficult to defeat. However, hard to beat is not necessarily not be defeated.

Here we are shown one of Kaido's weaknesses. Apparently, Kaido was haunted by a figure in the past that haunted in his mind for 20 years! The figure who became a ghost in Kaido's mind turned out to be Kozuki Oden! Is it possible that Kaido felt guilty for defeating Oden while he was off guard or ... killing him unilaterally when Oden had gone through the stipulated stipulations.

If indeed Kaido was haunted by the figure of Oden. So no wonder if Kaido persecuted Yamato who idolized Oden. This further strengthened my suspicion that Kaido felt sorry for Oden. To the extent that he wanted to make Yamato the Shogun. The position Oden should have.

Do not rule out the possibility, Kaido's could be a gap that led to Kaido's weakness, or maybe a flashback that led to Kaido's childhood/youth, as was the case with Big Mom in the Whole Cake Island arc.

If there is a flashback of Kaido's past in the future. Surely this will add weight to the character of Kaido becoming richer and deeper with the background story. So that Kaido does not merely become an antagonist character, as long as it is a character that must be defeated by the main character as a condition for the continuation of the storyline.

But as fans of One Piece, no matter what the story is like in the future we will just leave it to Oda sensei the author of the story.