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Review Manga One Piece Chapter 984

Review Manga One Piece Chapter 984 - welcome back next time mimin will provide the latest information about the review and discussion of the one piece manga chapter 984 which reveals the true identity of Yamato kaido boy and his goal of saving Luffy from the members of Tobi Roppo. You can read online manga one piece chapter 984 english subtitles on official sites like and

Continued from the scene of Luffy being taken away by Yamato (chapter 983), it turns out that Luffy did not immediately believe like that with Yamato, even he immediately attacked Yamato, a brief duel occurred, as a result of Luffy thinking that Yamato who was the son of his enemy (Kaido) would later do evil to him, but the reality is said, Yamato instead invited Luffy to work together and he offered to join Luffy in fighting his own father.

The title of chapter 984 is "Life Guide". The meaning of this title ignores Oden's life travel journal seen in chapter 967, Oden is shown writing a note like Oden's travel diary and in this chapter Roger's name is glorified as the King Pirate who succeeded in conquering the Grand Line.

IMO is likely that this journal / diary was made by Oden while still in Wano and developed while traveling with Newgate and became the commander of Division II Whitebeard Pirate and accompanied Roger's adventures with Roger Pirate in conquering the Grand Line and became an important key in getting to Raftel. And certainly One Piece is also written in Oden's journal / diary and the intent of "laughing" at Roger's crew when he arrived at Raftel.

The cover page also continues the Bege cover story.
Gang Bege's "Oh My Family!" Vol.27: "Im your dad !!"
In the cover story this time, Pound was seen moving when she met her twin daughters Lola and Chiffon and Bege who was holding Pez. maybe this picture if adapted to the manga or anime will be one of the saddest moments in One Piece.

IMO may cover the story of Bege reaching its climax and leaving only a few more covers until it is closed by Lola's marriage with Gotti, because so far in the story Bege family has met with other family members (Lola and Pound).
It was shown that Page One returned to his Human mode after chapter 983 was hit by Luffy's Gomu Gomu Elephant Gun in Full Spinosaurus mode and only said "Yes. His attack (Luffy) was very sick ... Almost my lower jaw was released .. . !! "

IMO is likely that the attack has so much damage that it can make Page One say that and make Gifters worried. And that attack might be nothing to Page One and Ryu Ryu no Mi, the Model: Spinosaurus. Because in chapter 931 it was seen that Page One became Sanji's expriment media with his Raid Suit even in their battle Page One 100% received a severe attack from Sanji in O-Soba Mask (Stealth Black) mode and in chapter 929 during the introduction of Flying Six members, Page One does not seem to be injured in the slightest it can be assumed that the resilience of Page One's body in Spinosaurus mode is extraordinary.

Ulti realized after Chapter 983 received the Thunder Bagua attack from Yamato. And from Ulti's statement, there is a new fact that the Thunder Bagua technique that Yamato uses is not perfect, even only half of Kaido's Thunder Bagua has been used to K'O right Oden and Luffy in one hit.
* Is Ulti able to quickly realize because of the power of Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pachycehpalosaurus or because Thunder Bagua Yamato is not perfect?

On this page there is also an interesting thing that Page One said to Ulti "You look healthy" and one of the Gifters said "How tough the siblings Zoan Dinosaur users !!".
Are Ulti and Page One the two siblings like the strongest on page 3?
And in the meanings on page 2 and 3, Yamato was both downgraded by Page One and Ulti. Is it possible because this is one of the characteristics of Flying Six members?
Remembering that in chapter 978 the members of the Flying Six looked down on the All-Star Beast Pirate and even Ulti had called 'Kaido stupid' in the discussion of the Flying Six.

Discussion and opinion
In this scene Yamato said that if he ever had a duel with someone who has the same hardness, and it must be Ace, we know that Ace used to go to Wano, and whether Ace knows whether or not the real figure behind Yamato we don't know, because so far we know that only Luffy who knows that Yamato is a woman, and of course his father also (kaido) knows that, apart from that they must have thought that Yamato was a man, if I were told by Yamato himself, the duel that happened between Ace and Yamato could be due to a misunderstanding in which ace outsider who was suspected would do bad things to Wano where at that time Wano was really wanting to stand on the power of the Orochi Shogun and Kaido.

We continue to Luffy and Yamato, from Yamato's explanation, if he finds a note from Oden, the note explains the journey and dreams of the future that Oden desires, thus making Yamato who is an Oden fan really want to make things that Oden notes come true.
By having the same goal and evidence from Oden's records, it must have made Luffy believe that Yamato would be a good ally to his alliance, plus Yamato would know very well the weak points at his father's headquarters, where it could be blamed to encircle the troops Kaido and also make Kaido angry, and what about the big mom?