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Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 277 Review

Manga my hero academia review chapter 277 - boku no hero academia manga chapter 277 review. Hello everyone, on this occasion Mimin will provide the latest information about the latest boku no hero academia manga which has entered chapter 277. Still continuing on the battle of pro heroes vs. shigaraki in the hospital. 

Well, at this time, maybe all of us already know that some of the Heroes who participated in battles in the hospital area have the main focus to immediately defeat and capture the villain, Shigaraki Tomura who now could be said to have been incarnated as a Monster who would later cause great devastation to the world like the All For One case before. Various efforts have been made by the Heroes in order to be able to subvert the figure of Nana Shimura's granddaughter, even beginners like Midoriya and Bakugou also participated in battle and capture. 

The main reason why the two of them could participate in the battle I think is already known by many people, it is because Shigaraki wants to intend to target One for All owned by Midoriya, and Bakugou as his rival certainly has the duty to protect his little friend from any villainous crime. However, all actions are taken to defeat Shigaraki certainly have consequences and risks that are very, very large, one of which could have resulted in Bakugo Lost Quirk.

If we think systematically, it seems very unlikely that Bakugou can be defeated so easily by a Shigaraki. Aside from its strength that cannot be underestimated, Bakugou is currently also protected by three professional heroes like Endeavor, Aizawa, and Grand Torino. But what if Shigaraki had another way to harm Bakugou? Even though he himself claimed to be in the 277th chapter that he was not interested in anything Bakugou had, Shigaraki would certainly counterattack if the Hero with the Explosion type quirk always hindered his plans to get One For All from Midoriya's hands.

The question is, what way might Shigaraki possibly attack Bakugou? One of my thoughts might be that Shigaraki would take Bakugou's Explosion Quirk and make it his own. However, since Shigaraki claimed not to be interested in Bakugou at all, he probably would not do such a thing. Instead, if Shigaraki does not want to take anything from Bakugou's body, then Shigaraki will probably use other, more sadistic methods, such as eliminating the Bakugou quirk by using a weapon.

Do you remember the Quirk busting bullet used by Chisaki to erase Mirio's power? The weapon was in fact currently taken and changed hands to Shigaraki. In fact, in the 230th chapter first, Shigaraki also had the intention to double the rewind bullets he got from Chisaki's hands using Twice's double quirk power. In my perception, it was all like proving that it was most likely that Shigaraki had a separate plan of wanting to use the bullet for a certain purpose or to intimidate when they faced the Heroes.

Now, try to imagine if the deadly weapon created from Eri's quirk extract was used by Shigaraki to get rid of Bakugou? In a way, Bakugou certainly won't get any significant injuries, but the Quirk Explosion that he is so proud of will obviously disappear for good and he will become a quirkless or another language "People Without Quirk" like the previous Mirio case. 

If this really happened, then this would be the end for Bakugou and everything he dreamed about being a Hero number 1 would certainly disappear forever unless Eri could normalize it again. On the one hand, maybe someone will think that if the Bakugou quirk is really gone, then it will be considered as karma because he used to always demean Midoriya and constantly called him could not be a Hero because he did not have a quirk at all.

Even so, I myself really hope that the incident that I mentioned above never happened at all. Aside from being a favorite character, Bakugou can be said to be also the most important figure for Midoriya and the course of the path at any arc. 

On the other hand, if my gossip about Bakugou losing his quirk really became a reality, then that might be one way from Horikoshi to be able to raise Midoriya's power to a higher level. Basically, if the main character sees his best friend or beloved being hurt before his eyes, most of them will surely experience a feeling of trauma that is very, very deep, and then leads to an increase in the power factor.

So, with the case of Bakugou's injury, Midoriya could certainly raise his spirit to protect all of his friends and closest people which led to an increase in the level of strength, even though I myself still didn't want it to happen. What I want is to be able to see Midoriya and Bakugou successfully become famous Pro-Heroes and also as true rivals in fighting for positions as Hero number 1.